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  • Escaping the Crowds, view over Medway Valley in Spring

    Avoiding the Crowds this Summer

    Staycationing in the East instead of West this year is a good way to avoid the crowds. Here in Kent are some great choices for lesser known places but frequently as beautiful, Sometimes slightly more remote and excellent value.  Visitors are asked to respect, protect and enjoy Kent alongside the residents. 

  • Spring at Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent

    How to Spend a Weekend in Maidstone

    Maidstone in Kent is one of the most accessible rural areas of England, being less than an hour from London and with fantastic castles, wonderful vineyards, amazing countryside and excellent food and wine producers.  Lovely hotels and places to stay make this a great destination.  There is so much to do you will wish you had booked an additional night.

  • Enjoying winter in England, with the best things to do.

    Enjoying Winter in England

    Thinking differently can bring a whole new aspect to winter life in England.  Hey, the weather is not always perfect but here are some great ideas to embrace some of the good things about winter.  

  • Discover the rural beauty of the Garden of England perfect for a break without crowds.

    Time to Disconnect from the Crowds

    Some ideas in rural Kent to get a change of scenery and escape the crowds. Autumn is not only beautiful here, it is full of harvest, fruit, wine, ciders, beers, great walks, workshops of different types with only small numbers of people and in many places none at all. There was such a lot to do in the area it surprised me.

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