• three people on canoes

    Visiting Maidstone Without a Car

    Maidstone is a great destination for those who want to travel by bus or train also to enjoy their time off. To go home feeling that you have trodden lightly on the planet but still had a great day out is satisfying. There is a host of things to do, from climbing, trampolining, high ropes, escape rooms, distillery, boat trips and a whole lot more within easy walking distance of the public transport networks.

  • Food platter at an event at the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel

    Choosing the perfect venue - some tips to help

    There are so many factors to consider when searching for the perfect venue. Whether it is for a conference, a wedding or a corporate dinner, the choice of venue can make or break the event.

    So here are a few tips on what you need to think about and what to prioritise to get the most suitable venue.

  • Wild Marjoram and Wild Basil at Ranscombe Nature Reserve.  (Wild Basil is the slightly fluffy looking one).

    Foraging for Herbs to Flavour Ranscombe Wild Gin

    A summer morning spent foraging for herbs to flavour Ranscombe Wild Gin and to learn more about wildflowers and botanicals which grow close to the River Medway on the North Downs.  This is a unique, protected and special environment and fabulous gin to taste.

  • Escaping the Crowds, view over Medway Valley in Spring

    Avoiding the Crowds this Summer

    Staycationing in the East instead of West this year is a good way to avoid the crowds. Here in Kent are some great choices for lesser known places but frequently as beautiful, Sometimes slightly more remote and excellent value.  Visitors are asked to respect, protect and enjoy Kent alongside the residents. 

  • Spring at Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent

    How to Spend a Weekend in Maidstone

    Maidstone in Kent is one of the most accessible rural areas of England, being less than an hour from London and with fantastic castles, wonderful vineyards, amazing countryside and excellent food and wine producers.  Lovely hotels and places to stay make this a great destination.  There is so much to do you will wish you had booked an additional night.

  • Discover the rural beauty of the Garden of England perfect for a break without crowds.

    Time to Disconnect from the Crowds

    Some ideas in rural Kent to get a change of scenery and escape the crowds. Autumn is not only beautiful here, it is full of harvest, fruit, wine, ciders, beers, great walks, workshops of different types with only small numbers of people and in many places none at all. There was such a lot to do in the area it surprised me.

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