Halloween at Leeds Castle

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Leeds Castle, Broomfield, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1PL
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Halloween Characters at Leeds Castle


Discover The Guardians of the Grounds – A Haunted Halloween Quest at Leeds Castle!

Are you ready for an enchanting Halloween adventure unlike any other? Join us at Leeds Castle for a spellbinding experience that will ignite your imagination and leave you spellbound this autumn.

Welcoming back your favourite characters to Leeds Castle, meet them on a haunted Halloween quest, where young adventurers become spell seekers on a thrilling interactive journey through the mystical Leeds Castle estate.

As children embark on their adventure, they will be armed with a special quest sheet, guiding them through the sprawling grounds of the castle. Their mission? To save Rocky, the Stone Monster, from being banished back into the stone walls of Leeds Castle. Rocky is enjoying being free to roam the grounds and meet our visitors he doesn’t want to go back to being trapped in the stone walls for another 100 years. Help break the spell and set Rocky free for good.

Encounter SIX Magical Beings

But fear not, for this journey is full of surprises and friendly characters eager to assist in their quest. Throughout their adventure, children will encounter six magical beings, each with their own rhyming tales and wisdom to share.

  • Meet Kit the Keeper of the Castle, who guards the secrets and treasures waiting to be uncovered.
  • Discover Ember the Autumnal Witch, a whimsical character with knowledge of the mystical energies that surround the Castle.
  • Learn from Bramble the Tree Goblin, a bouncy and excitable friend with riddles that will challenge even the cleverest of minds.
  • Encounter Rocky the Stone Monster, a gentle giant with surprising talents, crucial to unravelling the mystery.
  • Cross paths with Diablo the Cursed Castle Hound, a mysterious creature with a tragic past, eager to guide the way and make new friends.
  • Lastly, look up to Talon the Hawkman, who tells the children of the Halloween Ball and offers a unique perspective and valuable clues.

What you can expect this Halloween at Leeds Castle:

As children interact with these remarkable characters, they will gather essential information, uncover hidden clues, and solve riddles. Once they have collected all the missing pieces of the spell, they will gather with the Guardians of the Grounds at the Halloween Ball to help Ember the Autumnal Witch break the enchantment once and for all!

Beyond the excitement of the quest, The Guardians of the Grounds offers an immersive Halloween experience, where the magic of the Castle comes alive. With each step, children will be captivated by the beauty of the estate, further enhancing their adventure.

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Season (26 Oct 2024 - 3 Nov 2024)



Leeds Castle early morning sunrise.Leeds Castle, MaidstoneSet in 500 acres of Kentish parkland, Leeds Castle has been a Norman stronghold; the private property of six of England’s medieval queens; a palace used by Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon; a Jacobean country house; a Georgian mansion; an elegant early 20th century retreat for the…

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